Architectura Militaris XX

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"Architectura Militaris XX"

The rules of program

  1. The diploma program "Architectura Militaris XX" aims to popularize places related to military constructions of the 20th century through the work of amateur radio stations from military facilities and establishing communication with these stations.
  2. The "Architectura Militaris XX" diploma program is the continuation of the "Castles in Poland", "Twierdza i Forty" and "GrodySP" programs.
  3. Licensed broadcasters and listeners from Poland and all countries in the world may participate in the program.
  4. The program includes confirmed communications/listenings to stations working from the facilities constructed after 1918, included in the list, carried out after January 1, 2020 on any band and in any type of emission. Communications made by repeaters are counted.
  5. The program includes two types of diplomas:
    • "DYPLOM SZTURMOWY (ASSAULT DIPLOMA)" - for communications / listenings to stations working from the objects included in the list,
    • "DYPLOM WAROWNY (FORTIFIED DIPLOMA)" - for station operators working from the listed facilities.
  6. Each diploma has degrees (classes), and the required number of connections / listenings for individual diploma classes is shown in the table below - requirements for stations with SP and outside SP, respectively. Upgrading the diploma class is obtained by adding to the diploma the receipts (stickers). Individual diploma classes do not have to be obtained in sequence, i.e. you can apply for a higher class skipping the lower ones provided that its requirements are met.
    KlasaClassSPSpoza SP
    Outside SP
    SzeregowyPrivate 10 5
    KapralCorporal 30 15
    PlutonowyMaster Corporal 50 25
    SierżantSergent 70 35
    ChorążyWarrant Officer 100 50
    KlasaClassSPSpoza SP
    Outside SP
    PorucznikLieutenant 200 100
    KapitanCaptain 300 150
    MajorMajor 400 200
    PułkownikColonel 500 250
    GenerałGeneral 600 300
    MarszałekMarshal 700 350
    Liście DębuOak leaves Kolejne (Next) 100 Kolejne (Next) 50
  7. In order to apply for a diploma it is obligatory to have the appropriate number of communications confirmed on the site
  8. Fees for diplomas are respectively:
    • for the members of PZK - PLN 20,
    • for other Polish stations - PLN 30,
    • for foreign stations - 10Є or 10 IRC,
    • a sticker confirming a higher diploma class - PLN 4+porto,
    • a sticker confirming a higher diploma class for foreign stations - 3Є or 3 IRC.
  9. Send applications and payments for the diploma or receipt (label) containing the list of conducted communications to the Award Manager's address.
  10. Broadcasters applying for the "Fortified Diploma" should work mainly on KF bands. It is recommended that the first activation (so-called NEW ONE) be announced in the "Castle Expeditions" calendar at least one day before the expedition.
  11. The station working from the object must be installed on the premises of the object from the list or in the immediate vicinity, at a distance of not more than 500 m. In special cases, if it is impossible to reach the object, it is possible to increase the distance.
  12. Applicants for the "Fortified Diploma" are required to send a log in the form of an ADIF file at Adres poczty elektronicznej jest chroniony przed robotami spamującymi. W przeglądarce musi być włączona obsługa JavaScript, żeby go zobaczyć. after each activation. The file name should contain object designation and activator character, e.g. AMK001_sp8bbk 20201212.adi. It is only by sending the log that the activity will be included in the "Fortified Diploma" and automatically in the "Assault Diploma". Photographs with the object in the background are welcome.
  13. Working simultaneously from two objects listed inthe the program is not allowed - this does not apply if there are objects from other diploma programs in the immediate vicinity - up to 500 m. Work should be carried out in accordance with their regulations (e.g. SPFF).
  14. The program will include activations carried out after its commencement, i.e. from 01.01.2020.
  15. The organizers are not liable for any damages incurred during the program implementation.
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Logowanie dla aktywatorów (przekazanie/edycja logu)

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